[reportlab-users] font problem

Jerome Alet reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Fri, 23 Jul 2004 18:37:50 +0200

On Fri, Jul 23, 2004 at 06:29:36PM +0200, Jerome Alet wrote:
> Hi there,
> I had to dynamize a PDF ordering form for a client, and reuse 
> the fonts he provided to me for this.
> I've got problem with accented characters (french) : some letters 
> are too much on the right, so they are "in" the next letter, and 
> some are too much on the left, so they are "in" the previous letter 
> non accented characters are ok
> font is VectoraLH-Light in .PFM + .PFB files which
> I converted to .AFM IIRC with pf2afm
> any idea of what could be the problem ?

I forgot :

actual solution for letters to much on the right, is to 
put two spaces just after and it's ok, for example :

for :
I have to use :        

        je  rome
and then it's displayed correctly in the PDF as "jerome"

this sucks as a solution, unfortunately


Jerome Alet