[reportlab-users] Disable XML parsing in Paragraph(..)

Robin Becker reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 07 Jul 2004 08:30:37 +0100

Allan Michael Cuenca wrote:

> I'm attempting to generate PDF files on the fly with a text widget with
> contents sent to a platypus cgi. I don't need the xml paragraph formatting
> markup feature. How do I disable this feature?
> I need the wrapping feature but not the xml formatting, so that leaves out
> Preformatted. I could create a new class by inheriting from both but how do
> I best go about getting a simple, non-parsing Paragraph object.
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effectively you'll need to replace the line

style, frags, bulletTextFrags = _parser.parse(text,style)

in the paragraph _setup method.

The style remains at the argument value and bulletTextFrags is 
effectively None.

To create the single frag
	from paraparser import ParaFrag
	frag = ParaFrag()
	frag.fontName = style.fontName
	frag.fontSize = style.fontSize
	frag.text = text

	frags = [frag]

Robin Becker