[reportlab-users] How to Draw Hierarchical tables (1 to many)

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Wed Dec 8 03:14:26 EST 2004

Hi, Remy.

On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 10:15:52AM -0500, Remy Pinsonnault wrote:
> I am a newbie with Reportlab and I am trying to do a hierchical table like
> the following example. I have no problem getting the data (from Oracle
> queries) but in fact I don't know how to draw the table, which library to
> use, etc.

You want Open Report: http://www.openreport.org/
Then you can make tables in RML, like this:

    <td>KERRY, JOHN</td>
    <td>ID 12345 -- 2004/12/12</td>
    <td>1. Looser</td>
    <td>2. Dumb</td>
    <td>3. Laugh without any reason</td>

More info: RTFM on the site.

HTH, 暮

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