[reportlab-users] Hyphenation survey (Silbentrennung)

Stefan Drees reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 5 Apr 2004 22:08:08 +0200

On Sun, Apr 04, 2004 at 11:31:11PM +0200 - a wonderful day - Henning von Bargen wrote:
> Hyphenation / Silbentrennung
> Hi ReportLab users,
> I would like to start a survey on the demand for HYPHENATION
> support in the RLTK.
> This is addressed in particular to the non-english users of
> the toolkit using one of the ISO-8859-* char-sets.
> To put things short,
> I would like you to answer the following questions:
> Q1) How much do your RL applications need hyphenation support,
>     in a range 0-5:
>    0  never needed hyphenation and probably never will.
>    1  Hyphenation is a "nice-to-have", but I can do well without.
>    2  Hyphenation would be a welcome feature in my applications.
>    3  Hyphenation support would be a great benefit for my
>       RL applications and could turn the scale for RL.
>    4  The lack of hyphenation support kept me from taking RL into
>       consideration for some projects.
>    5  Most urgent! The lack of hyphenation support has been a
>       show-stopper for RL and forced me to use other tools than RL.
> Q2) What languages do you use in your applications (I mean natural
>     languages like English, German,..., not programming languages).
German, English and French 
> Q3) What kind of applications do you use RL for?
>    1 Simple Database Reporting (just output tabular data, perhaps with a
>      master-detail relationship)
>    2 High-quality database reporting - generate output for end-customers,
>      like certificates etc. (including company logo, some flow text and
>      perhaps some tabular data).
>    3 Presentations (i.e. with PythonPoint)
>    4 Documentation (i.e. with ReST), mainly flow text,
>      perhaps with some images, charts, and tables.
>    5 Mainly simple flow text.
>    6 High-quality brochures, electronic newspapers etc, using complex
>      layout, images, charts, tables, etc.
>    7 Generating invoices, labels etc. (writing some data into a pre-defined
>      form - typically without using Platypus)
>    8 Only charts and graphics (you should have answered 0 to Q1, then)
>    9 Not listed here (you can give a short description, if you like)
2, 4,7,8,6
> Q4) What are your requirements on correctness and speed of an automatic
>    hyphenation routine?
>    1  Wouldn't tolerate any wrong or missing hyphenation, regardless of
>       how long it takes -- (dream on, dreamer!)
>    2  The quality is most important for me, not the speed of the process,
>       even if this means 10 seconds overhead per page on a 2GHz machine.
>    3  High quality is important, but it shouldn't take longer than 2s/page.
>    4  At most 1s/page overhead is tolerable, but it should still produce
>       reasonable quality hyphenations.
>    5  Speed is most important, hyphenation shouldn't take longer than
>       0.25s/page, even if that means low-quality hyphenation (still better
>       than no hyphenation at all).
> .. 
> Are you still reading? Wow!
> OK, that's it. Apologies for my english...
No, be proud, world speaking english means shifting it word by word
'til it fits the world ;)

Ah yes: no interest frommy side, if its not python license or equivalent.

(secret message: ... Dinu, am I on target and time ;?)

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