[reportlab-users] Reportlab and CMYK Images

Oliver Bleutgen reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 30 Sep 2003 21:27:33 +0200

Andy Robinson wrote:
>>Can somebody give me a short overview about how Reportlab handles CMYK 
>>images? I had a look at the source, but I'm not sure I got it right.
>>It seems if I use a PIL Image instance, the image is always converted to 
>>RGB, while jpeg files are not converted.
>>On a related note, it seems there's no implementation in reportlab for 
>>adding other types of images, is that right?
> There is certainly nothing in our library to help produce 
> separations in the same way that Distiller or various
> prepres tools do.  
> Help me understand what you want a bit better. Are you hoping to 
> read in an arbitrary bitmap, include it in a CMYK document, and then 
> have Quark or some other tool separate the image layers in the
> resulting PDF? Or something else?

No, I have already separated CMYK images and want to use a pdf just as a 
container (for several images at once), which is then sent to a printer. 
Therefore I need to guarantee that the images to be contained in the PDF 
are not changed in the pdf building process.

PS: I sent another message to the list, seems it didn't come through, 
will resend tomorrow.