[reportlab-users] RL-newbie looking for examples

Chris K. reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 22 Sep 2003 18:50:07 +0200


Iím fairly new to ReportLab and to this mailing list so please excuse 
for bothering with basic questions Ö

I want to implement ReportLab into Zope in order to generate 
pdf-documents from user-supplied data and image-objects.

Iíll probably use platypus and itís flowables to generate my stories, 
because I need to be able to change output layouts fairly easy. So a too 
low level approach (canvas-level) is not an option (please correct me if 
I am wrong). Since I am not very experienced using ReportLab, some 
examples Ė especially concerning Zope -  would be of great help. Iíve 
played with rlzopr.py-example and the examples provided with ReportLab 
so far.

Any hints, examples and code that will support me in my quest will be 
much appreciated.