[reportlab-users] Problem with Tables flowing

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Thu, 18 Sep 2003 13:51:58 +0100

> Thanks for all the quick replies.
> Is the fix only in CVS? I am using the debian release 1.18.
> Does anybody know of a workaround for this as I cannot easily moved to
> non-debian code for support reasons?
> Thanks,
> Pieter

As I outlined when we met, there isn't much of a fix;
we are too small to branch and backport fixes.  

If you want a workaround that works in your own code
now, without patching things, try these guidelines:

1. always specify the column widths when you create
the table. This gives fastest rendering

2. Make lots of small mini-tables with one or a few rows
and put them in the story, instead of one big table.
"one table per row" is acvually a very good solution
for database-type stuff where you have groups and
subgroups in future anyway.