[reportlab-users] Problem with Tables flowing

David Fraser reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Thu, 18 Sep 2003 11:18:48 +0200

pieter claassen wrote:

>I am having trouble getting my tables to flow properly over multiple
>pages in Platypus. Here are the symptoms:
>1. Large tables more than 1 page long seem to hang the doc.build
>process. The columns do have a fixed width, the length is just large and
>it seems to happen when I try to put more than about 50 rows in a table.
>2. Tables seem to start on whichever page they feel like. Sometimes,
>tables would start on page 1 and other times on page 2. How do I control
>3. I start my document with
>Tables are created with
>    			   ('FONTSIZE',[0,0],[-1,0],12),
>			   ('TEXTCOLOR',[0,0],[-1,0],colors.white),
>			   ('BACKGROUND',[0,0],[-1,0],colors.darkblue),
>			   ('GRID',[0,0],[-1,-1],1,colors.green)]))
>and I think it used to work but now I don't get an error, it just hangs.
>Any help will be appreciated.
Which version of reportlab are you using?
See the threads entitled "Crashing when table goes over a page" and "re: 
Crashing when table goes over a page",
this may be similar to that problem which was fixed... (they're in 
July-August this year on this mailing list)