[reportlab-users] czech characters

Ábrahám Péter reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Sun, 30 Nov 2003 20:40:02 +0100

Andy Robinson írta:

>>Yes. iso-8859-2 (latin 2) is the code set for Central European languages 
>>using latin letters:  Croatian, Czech, Hrvatski, Hungarian, Polish, 
>>Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian
>Can you tell us where you found the free fonts?

The xfntscl2.tar.bz2 file is 1 Mb. It contains some free Type 1 
iso-8859-2 fonts AFAIK originally made by URW. These fonts are the basis 
of Redhat and SUSE rpms. I haven't found it on the ftp server where this 
file was downloaded from, but I can upload it anywhere or attache it an 

Best Regards,