[reportlab-users] Community upload area

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Fri, 28 Nov 2003 21:40:56 -0000

There is valuable code coming in from several people now
so I have set up a community FTP area.  (This is in 
addition to our main anonymous FTP area). Anyone is welcome
to use it to upload code, examples and so on.

You can access this with
   user: rptlab2_communal
   pass: better_bucket

I suggest anyone with contributions makes a subdirectory
for their name or the project (e.g. "hyphenation"),
and places a file called 00readme.txt in the top of that

It is also under the web site so you can view it as

If anyone wants to make web pages, let us know; our
site templating system is pretty easy and we could
make it traverse through, so people can just write
content and have the headers/footers/menus built
automatically.  But we'll wait until someone asks.

Finally, if people get stuff laid out in a rational
manner and it's worth keeping, one of us can log in
and cvs add/commit files there on request.  We won't do
this automatically, as I hope we'll find a way to move
things to SourceForge shortly and have wider access to
specific areas.


I also promised to put up some collabware of some kind
(e.g. Plone) in November.  I was wrong, work got away
from us and we ran out of time.  The revised plan is
that in week commencing 7 December, when half of us
are at www.xmlconference.org in Philadelphia, the
others can start a switch over to a new internal server 
and be able to build a few more things.  We will then ask
for volunteers to set it up, and move it up to
our public server on a decent URL as soon as there is
something useful.  So hopefully we'll have all the tools
up by Christmas.  

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson
CEO/Chief Architect
ReportLab Europe Ltd.
mobile +44-7976-355742
office +44-20-8544-8049