[reportlab-users] Infinite Loop in tables

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 11 Nov 2003 12:26:58 -0000

> If the header line plus the first data line do not fit entirely 
> on the page,
> an infinite loop occurs.
That's a bug.  Thanks.  We have an algorithm saying "if you can't
fit ANYTHING on a page, raise an error" but it is not smart
enough to know about the tables.
> This is likely to happen when generating tables with DB data
> where some cells contain long strings, for example a descriptive text.
> This is causing performance problems on the application server.
> As a last resort, I have modified the _splitRows method for Table
> so that it raises an exception when this happens and availHeight > 5cm.
> Is there any option that allows to split the CELLS inside the row
> so that the first part of the row will be printed on the current page
> and the rest will overflow to the next row?
Not yet, no.   Ideas are welcome though.  I wonder if the outer
loop needs special knowledge of tables, or some 'container'

- Andy