[reportlab-users] Chart axes bugs

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 10 Nov 2003 03:00:04 -0000

> Stable or not, in the context of Python 2.x lib.validators.isBoolean
> is not appropriate anymore, then, is it?

I think you mean "2.3" not "2.x".  Changing the code
to return True or False would break earlier versions or need
a messy conditional import.  And we're trying to make lots
of things work under jython (=2.1) these days, so if you want us
to use cutting edge features in core code then I suggest you 
help Samuele Pedroni to catch up with Guido :-)

Anyway, these functions partly
exist to help when people are setting properties in GUIs,
xml files or web forms.  The fact that the language permits
the symbol 'True' in source code has little to do with
what we are doing:  accepting strings the user might commonly
type like "yes/no" or "True/False" and converting to a
(2.1 compatible notion of a) boolean.

- Andy