[reportlab-users] any help plz ....

Robin Becker reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 5 Nov 2003 22:17:17 +0000

In article <20031105214109.1510.qmail@web60001.mail.yahoo.com>, sarah
el-lawindy <samwind80@yahoo.com> writes
>    dear Jerome Alet
>      hi , i know  u got very bored from my very very primitaive 
>    questions, but i really need any help.
>      ok, do u know  anything about unicode thing? i tried to write a 
>    unicode string, but the compiler gave me a error, "not a valid 
>    UTF-8 string" an then i tried another one (i got it from the 
>    mailing list archive), but gave another error " something (i can't 
>    remeber) then ordinal 128" . so do u know the solution for this ?
>      i hope that u reply back ...
>    sam ellawindy
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There is a unicode convert function in test/test_pdfbase_ttfonts.py. The
current ttfonts.py only understands utf8.
Robin Becker