[reportlab-users] Re: Platypus XML markup suggestion

Christoph Zwerschke reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 26 May 2003 10:54:50 +0200

> I'm a bit unhappy to use HTML names as many of them refer to the
> 0-255 range and will cause confusion unless the mappings are identical.
> There are also a bunch of names used by Adobe internally.

I forgot to mention that not only HTML 4, but also XHTML 1 defines named
entities (the same as in HTML 4, of course). See

> omicron seen already with different value 'x' != 'o'

The 'x' is definitely wrong, the line
should be changed to

> phi seen already with different value 'f' != 'j'

There are 2 variants of the small phi, Unicode 3 defines:
966 = 'j' = GREEK SMALL LETTER PHI = "open" curly phi
981 = 'f' = GREEK PHI SYMBOL = "straight" phi which is more often use in

XHTML defines 966 to be named 'phi', 981 was not given any name in XHTML (I
suggest using 'phis' (for "phi symbol" or "phi straight", this would be in
line with ISO 8879).

Correspondingly, the following changes should be made:
should be changed to
Also, before the line
982:'v', # piv
add the line
981:'f', # phis