[reportlab-users] NextPageTemplate question

Chad Nantais reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Sat, 17 May 2003 23:26:16 -0700

Hello All.

The following code produces a 3 page PDF (as it should) with an 
itinerary with and itinerary page template on pg 1, a statement on pg 2 
that seems to get no formatting at all (should get Statement template) 
and a Segment on page 3 with Statement formatting.

Why would do my page templates lag behind after the itinerary page?  Or, 
rather, why would pg 2 not take the NextPageTemplate directive and apply 
the statement template?

	def _makeStory(self):
		""" make story composed of sections """
		story = []
		story += [NextPageTemplate('Itinerary')]
		story += self._insertItinerary()
		story += [NextPageTemplate('Statement')]
		story += self._insertStatement()
		story += [NextPageTemplate('Segment')]
		story += self._insertSegments()
		return story

Thanks in advance.


Chad Nantais

Web Development Consultant
Rednaxel Interactive