[reportlab-users] dumpfields.py

Gary Mullen reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Thu, 8 May 2003 00:30:23 -0400

I am experimenting with the PageCatcher and have been reviewing the
readme.txt file

I noticed that there is a reference to a dumpFields.py file.

Does anyone have copy of this file?


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   1. Re: Relative indents, nested lists and reST (Aaron Watters)
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Date: Tue, 06 May 2003 13:04:34 -0400
From: Aaron Watters <aaron@reportlab.com>
To: reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Subject: Re: [reportlab-users] Relative indents, nested lists and reST
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just fyi the "new para" implementation did this already.

Andy Robinson wrote:

>I won't have much time to look at paragraph implementations
>until the weekend, but coding seemed more fun than working 
>tonight :-)  I added one think which I think will really help
>(and would be quite hard to plug in if you don't know
>our main loop). 
>There is now a concept of "relative indentation" or
>"context-sensitive indentation" in Platypus.  One thing
>reST and HTML rendering need is nested lists.  There is
>a runnable example in
>  reportlab/test/test_platypus_indents.py
>which produces
>  reportlab/test/test_platypus_indents.pdf


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From: "Andy Robinson" <andy@reportlab.com>
To: <reportlab-users@reportlab.com>
Subject: RE: [reportlab-users] Relative indents, nested lists and reST
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 22:03:52 +0100
Reply-To: reportlab-users@reportlab.com

> just fyi the "new para" implementation did this already.

I know, and your test script gives very good illustrations,
but I don't think it can currently do a table or a chart
in the middle of a paragraph.  It seems natural
to me that we should be able to use our existing
concepts of paragraph styles and numbering for these
nested lists, and just 'step them in and out'.

Paragraph is too specific a name for what you've 
written; it might be better described as a 'textWriter' 
or something, since it handles line breaks and
nested lists.  I really hope to generalize this out 
in version 2.0 as it could actually be 'part of the
layout engine' rather than 'just being for paragraphs'.

Another related good idea we had once was to define a 
'section' within a document which can locally redefine parts 
of  the stylesheet, and/or carry descriptive attributes.
It's quite possible our "story" might turn from a
list into a 'tree of nested containers' at some point, which 
would make the distinction moot.




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