[reportlab-users] "medium"-volume site + zope

alexandre burton reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 10:45:15 -0400


i am currently evaluating the use of reportlab through zope. the application
would be "medium volume" (we expect serving between 1250 and 2500 single
pages over the course of 2 weeks).

i've read the archive and seen the issues with threads and am concerned if
it's a risk -- it will certainly occur that concurrent jobs will be called.
right now the rendering takes about 6 seconds (in a context/setup similar to
where it wil be used).

is there a way to insure that traffic will not be a problem? i don't have to
have zope directly call reportlab, i can interface to something else if it
helps isolate (wrap?) the problems of reportlab in another enveloppe. (i
only need to pass an ID; python can retrieve all the info from sql).

right now my prototype script does everything i need (i will probably have
questions on performance with images inclusion) this threading issue is my
only hesitation before committing and doing some real development.