[reportlab-users] ReportLab events at EuroPython and OSCON

Michael Montagne reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 17 Jun 2003 19:53:35 -0700

I'm going to OSCON.  As a matter of fact, the Report Lab tutorial was
the one thing I really wanted to do.  Too bad it was cancelled.  I can
only do the tutorials so I may not be eligible for the BOF, not sure how
that works.  I'm just getting started with Report Lab and my excitement
is high now.  I'm certainly going to be interested in anything I can see
regarding it.  There is at least one Python related get together during
the week, be sure to include those on your agenda.

>On 06/18/03, Andy Robinson busted out the keyboard and typed:

> I'm going to be at EuroPython next week and
> will give 2 talks, one tutorial-style and one
> on challenges of deploying software.  If you will
> be at EuroPython, vote now on what subjects I should
> emphasize!
> Who's going to be at OSCON?  I would like to have
> a ReportLab-related BOF on one of the main Python 
> track days.  If you're there and there's a sbject
> you would like to emphasize or learn about, please
> tell me now!
> Also, at both events:  we are now starting some
> quite serious sales and marketing, and finding a
> lot of interest in what we do.  If you are a
> person or small firm interested in doing professional 
> services work with ReportLab, or reselling our commercial
> frameworks, let me know:  I'd love to arrange a briefing
> and can show a lot of exciting stuff and can show where
> we are heading.
> Thanks,
> Andy Robinson
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