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Regarding the "inherent zoom". As it was described to me :

1. Open the PDF document. The "magnification" level shows at say 82% =
because the bookmarks sidebar is open.

2. Pump the magnification up to 150% say.

3. Click a link or a bookmark. The magnification level is back at 82% =
and they want it to still be at 150%.

To me it seems petty. They think its a big deal and they pay the bills =

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> Can I control this with ReportLab?
Inherent Zoom is a phrase I have not seen in the
PDF spec but maybe Adobe marketroids use it elsewhere.
What does it mean?

You will need to read the right chapter of the PDF=20
spec and "roll your sleeves up" :-)

There are many options one has to put into a dictionary=20
to get the behaviour you want.  It's a matter of
fiddling around with a copy of the source to find
the options that do what you want, then we expose
some extra keyword argument at canvas level to
control it.  If you are brave enough to try, i
will certainly point you at the right bits of the=20


Andy Robinson
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