[reportlab-users] RE: Page two more narrow than page one???

Magnus Lycka reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 01:25:48 +0100

Andy Robinson wrote:
>Thanks for such a clear, reproducible bug report. I am trying
>to investigate but am quite drunk after a nice dinner so
>I should not report back until I can repeat my findings,
>sober :-)

Sober yet? ;)

I guess the reply from David Hughes basically says it. It's
not until you try to split a table that it's checked whether
it's too wide or not. This is obviously a bit confusing, since
the traceback doesn't really tell us what's happening. Should
I expect some further report? I've figured out that I shouldn't
make tables too wide, but it's always educational to learn how
to avoid these types of problems, and how error handling etc
is supposed to work.

Also, as far as I understood, it should be possible to split
tables that are too wide for a page, as well as those that are
too long, so I'm still a bit confused here. Shouldn't it split
over four pages if it's both too long and too wide for one page?

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