[reportlab-users] Page two more narrow than page one???

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 22 Jan 2003 00:23:31 -0000

> Hi, I've been lurking here more or less as long as the list
> has existed, but I never really used ReportLab for real until
> now. (Just admired it from a distance. ;) So I'm probably
> doing some stupid newbie mistake...

Thanks for such a clear, reproducible bug report. I am trying
to investigate but am quite drunk after a nice dinner so
I should not report back until I can repeat my findings,
sober :-)

The table object is not correctly splitting itself into
small chunks.  It tries to fit on page 1, fails,
tries to fit on page 2, fails, then it hits an error
handler of ours which says "if it won't fit on two identical
pages in a row, raise an error" - but which has a misleading
error message.

I will look further at tables, I think that's where the bug 

- Andy