[reportlab-users] Embedding EPS content.

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 1 Dec 2003 22:02:46 -0000

Non-trivial.  EPS is a 'big' standard; you'd get a long way 
with simple files by translating all the postscript
operators to PDF ones ('moveto' -> 'm'), but since
PS is a language and can define subroutines and PDF can't, 
you need a Postscript interpreter to handle the general

You can do it by distilling the EPS with Acrobat
and using our PageCatcher product.  If you can do it 
without either I should consider hiring you :-)

If your EPS files contain embedded TIFF previews,
then ripping those out and including them with
PIL may be possible, but it's cheating - you would
only get a low-resolution image and lose all the
vector info.

Are you starting with EPS files you need to process,
or trying to select a way to create artwork? SVG
and Adobe Illustrator (AI) files would be way
easier to work with..


Andy Robinson

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> Is this possible? I can't see a nice way to do it via PIL. If it isn't
> possible, then would I be right in saying that it is probably only a
> trivial patch away?
> Thanks!
> David.
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