[reportlab-users] Type 1 fonts and renderPM on Windows

Robin Becker reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 27 Aug 2003 17:36:17 +0100

In article <>, Leighton Pritchard
<L.Pritchard@scri.sari.ac.uk> writes
>I'm having trouble with renderPM on WindowsXP with python2.2 and reportlab 
>1.18.  When I attempt to write a file using the renderPM module, I get the 
...... this is what happens when reportlab can't see the right fonts. I
seem to remember we have an explicit list of font filenames for the
Win32 version. That list is in pdfbase/_fontdata.py. For times roman we
probably need the file '_er_____.pfb' somewhere on the T1 search path.

>I got the same error with Linux until I placed the local Adobe Acrobat 
>Reader .pfb font files under .../site-packages/reportlab/fonts - that 
>installation now works fine.
>I tried the same approach on Windows (with the Linux .pfb files and also 
>with the .pfb files that come with the Windows installation of Acrobat 
>Reader 6.0) but to no avail. I also tried transferring .pfb files from 
>Ghostscript and texmf to .../reportlab/fonts.
>I also edited rl_config.py to point to each of the folders that originally 
>contained the fonts.  This did not work, either.  Nor did a fresh 
>installation of ReportLab.
>What else can I try to solve this problem?
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