[reportlab-users] RE: reportlab-users digest, Vol 1 #384 - 3 msgs

Marc Stober reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 5 Aug 2003 11:10:27 -0400

Hi Marius,

Yes, I've been using your TrueType functions in ReportLab extensively.
* they don't work in drawing objects
* there is a work-around needed to use certain common font names in RL 1.17
and up
* there is a work-around needed to use different faces (e.g., bold, italic)
in the same family in RL 1.18
* there is an encoding issue, where I need to create paragraphs with UTF-8
encoded data when it will be rendered in a TrueType font, and CP1252-encoded
data when it will be rendered in a Type 1 font

I know that some of this can be gotten around by using a font conversion
program and it has also been announced recently that some of these issues
will be dealt with in a future issue of RL because there are commercial
demands for it. In my position unfortunately I am between users who want
their fonts, and management who doesn't see it as a feature that merits
spending money, so I'm limited to what I can find open source.

Thanks, Marc

Marc Stober
mstober@dalbar.com - 617-624-7155 
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