[reportlab-users] Widgets as Flowables...

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Sun, 29 Sep 2002 09:16:27 +0100

> I certainly have my share in not reveiling this confusion earlier!
> It's not bad to make mistakes, but only not to repair them...

Let me add two less-idealistic points:
(1) Failure to achieve a perfect design in Version 1.0 is NOT a mistake.
We built solid running code, and gave some big customers the most 
versatile charting tools they could have imagined.  And learned lessons
for a version 2.0 one day.  

(2) repairing has a cost.  Adding on extra features in a compatible
way may make support harder; rewriting means rewriting a lot of
people's charts who won't pay for the upgrade.

My inclination for now is to say, let's go through the docco
and make sure it explains why and how better; then put these
ideas into a Version 2.0 next year some time when we can plan an
orderly transition.

- Andy