[reportlab-users] features ?

Robin Becker reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Sat, 21 Sep 2002 09:34:20 +0100

In article <3D8C2ADB.9023DCA5@rasselstein-hoesch.de>, Dirk Datzert
<dirk.datzert@tks-rasselstein.thyssenkrupp.com> writes
>Hi all,
>Two questions:
>1. Has anybody done a 3d bar vertical/horizontal char ?
I did some experiments with pseudo-3d and it seems pretty easy, just
haven't gotten around to it.

>2. May it possible to think of http-links for each datapoint/databar or
>the whole chart to other destinations in the PDF or outside ? I think
>this is not trivial, but very interesting :-)
>If I think of PNG/GIF/JPEG in use with HTML an renderer option to
>creating an image-map instead of the graphic can be a way the realize
>this feature.
>Maybe the renderSVG is such kind of renderer. Maybe this renderer can a
>taken for a new renderer renderUSEMAP.

I'm not clear what this means. In HTML imagemaps the information isn't
embedded in the chart is it? Certainly it would be possible to imagine
enhancing the barchart class to allow external queries to get the canvas
location of particular data points which would aid in creating an
imagemap. The external Drawing object would need to be fairly simple for
the results to be meaningful.

Also I believe Jerome Alet has done a large amount of work in this
direction as you can tell from his contributed example at

Robin Becker