[reportlab-users] Re: Using report lab for generating database reports

Dinu Gherman reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 09:53:58 +0200

Henning von Bargen:

> Also, is it possible to use rowspan and colspan like in HTML?

No, as you can achieve the same effect by nesting tables.

> It would also be great if one could compute the optimal width and 
> height
> at least for paragraphs and use this height or width for a table 
> definition.

Look at Flowable.wrap(availWidth, availHeight) in platypus/flowables.py.
You still can't use the resulting actually consumed height in a table,
but then... it might help if you had a sample illustrating your claim
that this cannot be rendered with Platypus tables...