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I'm forwarding this from the Python marketing list.

Are any of our users 'Python success stories'? If you are, would you like
your story in print? Read the following message for details.

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> [This is much-delayed, because I was hoping to commit to organizing
> this, but that's not going to happen, particularly with my broken
> wrist.]
> At OSCON next to the ORA booth, there was a table with a bunch of
> freebies, including a little booklet titled "Perl Success Stories,
> Part 3".  I talked with Betsy Waliszewski (betsy@oreilly.com), who is
> the Product Marketing Manager for ORA.  She said that she'd be willing
> to create something similar for us, provided that we can give her at
> least seven (and preferably ten) success stories.
> The booklet is about 5"x8", and most stories are 1.5 pages (about two
> hundred words), though some are longer.  Betsy said she needs about two
> months lead time, so if we want these booklets for YAPyC, we need to get
> the stories to her by November.  For OSCON, it needs to be the April/May
> timeframe.  Betsy said that she'd first be posting the stories on the
> ORA web site.  Part of the reason she's willing to do this in the
> current, er, adverse environment is because bookstores really like having
> these booklets available; there's a blank spot in the back they can stamp
> with their name/address.
> You can find a bunch of sample stories at
> http://perl.oreilly.com/news/success_stories.html
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