[reportlab-users] BUSINESS PROPOSAL

ABU TIMI. reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 9 Sep 2002 20:38:10 +0200

                       BUSINESS PROPOSAL

I am aware that it is amazing when a business proposal letter comes
from someone that you don=92t know=2C however your address was to the
consideration of your profile and I became aware of your credibility
and integrity=2C hence I humbly came to the conclusion to solicit for
your understanding and cooperation in this transaction that would be
profitable to both of us=2E

Therefore=2C it is with heart full of hope that I write to seek your
candid help in the context below=2C I am TIMI PHILLIP ABU a soldier by
profession and a Colonel by rank I was the immediate Director in the
Ministry of Mines and Natural Resources =28M=2EM=2EN=2ER=29 in my country
SIERRA-LEONE before the out break of war=2E Presently I am a political
Refugee in LOME TOGO=2E

This letter is to seek for your assistance to receive into your bank
account the sum of Twenty One Million=2C Five Hundred Thousand United
States Dollars =28US$21=2C500=2C000=2E00=29 would want you to be my leading
partner in a viable and profitable business which I want to invest
on in any overseas country=2E My areas of interest for investment are
buying of Estates=2C if possible buying of shares from reliable
companies=2E Any new ideal from you of investment would be appreciated


When I was a director in the Ministry of Mines and Natural
Resources=2C I was the link between the Foreign buyers of DIAMOND and
the SIERRA-LEONIAN Government of Sierra-Leone by our foreign Diamond
buyers for the Diamond they purchased=2C This I had to divert=2C
totalling the sum of Twenty One Million Five Hundred Thousand United
States Dollars Only=2C into a security and finance company in South
Africa for safe keeping because of the war in my country=2E It may
interest you to know that the security company has branches in
European Countries and America=2E

Note please=2C that upon your acknowledgment of this letter and
willingness to assist=2C all documents and details relating to this
funds will be forwarded to enable you clear the funds into use for
the investment=2C from the security and finance company before
arranging the modalities on how to invest the money and to process
my travelling documents to meet with you face to face =2ERight now I
cannot travel out because=2C the rebel soldiers in SIERRA LEON
confiscated my international passport=2E More so =2CI have not finalise
my stay document in Lome-Togo=2E

I am looking forward to doing business with you and solicit your
absolute confidentiality and honesty in this transaction=2E
For your assistance you will be given 25% of the total fund=2E It also
will interest you to know that this transaction entails no risk on
both side Hence all modalities for secure=2C smooth and successful
transaction have been arrange=2E If you are interested and can assist
ME with this proposal please just email me or telephone my
daughter who is attending a programme in the netherlands on
+31-613-795-237 who will guide you and provide you more details=2E

Thanking you and looking forward to your timely response=2E