[reportlab-users] setting Style for a Sum in a Table

reportlab-users@reportlab.com reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 14:49:23 +0200

Hello Robin,

thanks for the hint.
I found the Beispiel and test it with my customer font
It seams to work. Only the TTFontFileTestCase class chrashes in many cases.
Also my copy of TOCTemplate and its ParagraphStyles now runs fine.

An other question for understanding is about
setting a tabelstyle:
In my various financial-table-reports I have sums and headers.
so i like to make the last and the first row in the Tabel shaded gray.

In case of the header it is repeatet on each page all is best.
But when a pagebreak occurs the last rows in the splittet
tables on each page is set to gray.

 tStyle.add('BACKGROUND', (StartColumns , 0), (EndColumns, 0),
colors.darkgray) # header ok
 tStyle.add('BACKGROUND', (StartColumns ,-1), (EndColumns,-1),
colors.darkgray) # sum ???

how can i set the Style on the last row in a mulitple-page-table ?