[reportlab-users] Table split

Robin Becker reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 15 Oct 2002 20:46:10 +0100

>But this is a vertical split across a page break. The table physically fits on 
>the page horizontally, although it is a half-a-dozen or so points too wide 
>according to availWidth anyhow. I guess I'm not taking into account padding or 
>something. Reportlab didn't complain though and it was not visually evident, 
>even with borders.
>I guess its just weird to have the table draw ok as long as it fits on one page 
>(even if it is too wide) and fail mysteriously when it tries to split across 
>pages. The error message (and some inline comments) makes it seem like there 
>were empty paragraph flowables to blame, which was what I started out looking 
>Is split called when the table is too wide as well? Why not just raise an error 
>here instead of returning an empty list?
I think this is a philosophical difference. We always test for splitting
if the original layout attempt fails, in this case the layout engine
determines that your table won't fit in the original case (it's too
wide) and that it won't fit in the split case either (it's too wide).

The fact that it appears to work if you disable the failure just means
that your table is not very wide. Suppose I do the same in all frames
then some "not very wide" table will eventually overlay something that
isn't white space and then we'll need to re-implement the "correct"
Robin Becker