[reportlab-users] table header

William Dode reportlab-users@reportlab.com
12 Oct 2002 00:02:33 +0200


I use BaseDocTemplate, one PageTemplate, one frame, and a big table
going on somes pages, breaking somes times. Very classique report...

My problem is for the headers.

The header of the table, with the name of the column, how can i repeat
it on each page if the table is going on somes pages ?

The header of the page, how can i change it when the table change ?

I use a very simple way to build my report, story.append(table), when
data change story.append(pagebreak or linebreak), new table... 
I'm newbie with reportlab, i find a lot of possibilities, 
but don't know wich one is the best...

Thanks and sorry for my poor english writing...

William Dode - http://wikipython.tuxfamily.org