[reportlab-users] RenderPM 0.3 for Zope released

Robin Becker reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Sat, 5 Oct 2002 18:41:08 +0100

In article <3D9EEF62.B4239D68@rasselstein-hoesch.de>, Dirk Datzert
<dirk.datzert@tks-rasselstein.thyssenkrupp.com> writes
>Hi all,
>I just published RenderPM 0.3 for Zope:
>DrawingTemplates and DrawingObjects give you the availability to build
>charts in Zope via the reportlab graphics toolkit from ReportLab.
>DrawingTemplates holds the Layout of your Charts.
>DrawingObjects combines the DrawingTemplates with the real data from
>multiple data sources.
>The data sources can be of the following kind: DTML Method,
>TinyTablePlus, ZSQL Method, Script (Python). The output format can be
>controlled by a format option URL?fmt=FMT, where FMT can be
>jpeg,gif,png,svg,pdf or tif.
>The product depends on the ReportLab Toolkit
>http://www.reportlab.com/toolkit/index.html . Go to the product-page
>http://www.zope.org/Members/Dirk.Datzert/RenderPM/index_html for more.
......great. does this do PDF and or Gif etc?
Robin Becker