[reportlab-users] [ANN] PyCanvas with a new testsuite and "no" bug now.

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 1 Oct 2002 10:37:22 +0100

> There's only one problem : I don't have any use for it, I don't even 
> know yet for what it could be used, I've just found to code it an 
> interesting challenge... And only now maybe I'll think about where
> this could help.

1. Tech support.  You have a big app connected to internal data 
   sources but the PDF is going wrong.  Use this to make us a Python
   script you can send over without needing all your software!

2. Standalone demos - as above, but there is some nice drawing code
   you want to share with others or contribute to our gallery without 
   pulling out your whole app

3. Profiling - some big deeply nested app is going slowly.  This gives
   you a good 'trace' of what operations you are performing in
   what order so you can see if there are any unnecessary state changes.

4. Portability - your experimental translator for file format XYZ
   (substitute SVG, CAD formats, whatever) can make nice PDFs on your own
   machine "with some supervision".  You want to include a nice graphic 
   in this format in a production app, without including your library.
   PyCanvas can turn it into a chunk of code you can include in your

There's a better way to do 4 which "follows on" from pycanvas - we
save the PDF operators in a literal string - but that's a later

Been-there-before-ly yours

Andy Robinson