[reportlab-users] shape.py typo ?

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 23:30:20 -0000

> Where is rlextra.graphics ? 
> Is renderPS_SEP correct or is it misspelled and should be renderPS_EPS
> ???
It is a commercial extension of ours which generates
color-separating postscript files for use in things
like Quark XPress workflows.  The 'SEP' is for
'Separating'.  Anything beginning with 'rlextra'
is a reference to our 'commercial package' which
sites alongside 'reportlab'.

See the 'Diagra' product datasheet on our web site.  
Basically, many people want to make glossy brochures
like fund or stock fact sheets, and there are very
good tools for automating Desktop Publishing systems,
but very few batch chart creation tools that can
work with them.

We obviously haven't read "Design Patterns" enough
times, as we had to put in a little 'hook' for this in
our open source package.  Its presence makes life a lot
easier for Diagra users....



p.s. thanks very much for the setup.py stuff.  We are
all flat out this week but will look at it and incorporate
it next week some time, I hope.