[reportlab-users] PageCompression not-working????

Bernhard Herzog reportlab-users@reportlab.com
15 Nov 2002 11:28:46 +0100

"Larry Bates" <lbates@syscononline.com> writes:

> I am generating a rather large (2 sided 11" x 17") document.  
> It contains a number of tables, barcharts, etc.  What I don't
> understand is why does the created .PDF get larger when
> I turn compression on than when it is off?  The size of the
> file goes from 180K to 210K when I turn compression on.

Which version of reportlab do you use? There was a bug regarding the
order in which the filters were applied when writing compressed PDF.
This was fixed back in July and I think all versions since 1.15 have the


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