[reportlab-users] PythonPoint bullet fix

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Sat, 9 Nov 2002 01:47:50 -0000

> Earlier in the week, I mentioned that all paragraphs in a 
> Pythonpoint were 
> being indented by one space.  The fix that was inserted in 1.16 
> does solve that 
> problem, but as a side effect, it happens to eliminate ALL 
> bullets.  I suspect 
> that was unintentional. 

Doh, ouch!  And we did the release today too.  Thanks for
pointing this out, I just put your fix in.  Amazing that
I could be staring so hard at the start of a paragraph,
and failed to see 25 defaced pages. 

> I'm adding code now to handle multiple page sizes; if the code 
> allowed us to 
> use negative numbers for coordinates, meaning "offset from 
> right/top" instead 
> of "offset from left/bottom", it would make things much more page size-
> independent.

Very good idea.  Patches welcome any time.