[reportlab-users] Release 1.16 preparations and more contributors.

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 6 Nov 2002 11:35:16 -0000

We're preparing for a release.  If there are any other
patches or bugs you know of and we have forgotten,
please remind us ASAP!  

We're going to grant Jerome CVS write access.  AFAIR the 
non-reportlab-employees with write access are Dinu Gherman,
Marius Gedminas and Jerome Alet. The general rule on checkins 
at the moment is to be extremely conservative:  
 1. discuss on the list first.
 2. If it's a bug fix and we're not around or not responding, 
    go ahead and notify the list

In general I've been thinking hard about how to 'open things
up' and let more development happen, even when our own team
are too busy.  We have always had the worry that an innocent 
change can destabilize an app.  I think the solution is for us 
to make a 'stable branch', which we will do for 1.16.  We could 
then take a more adventurous approach and possibly open up to 
more developers.  Maybe even think about a "2.0 branch" allowing 
major rethinking.

We're new to this.  If anyone has relevant experience about
managing dual-track projects, what works and what doesn't,
now would be a great time to start discussing it.  

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson