[reportlab-users] Puzzling Error

Engel, Gregory reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 5 Nov 2002 09:05:39 -0700

I've been struggling with this for the past few days.  A search of the =
archives and Google gave no insight.

I've written a class module in Python for creating PDF's using =
ReportLab.  The test harness produces a beautiful test.pdf file.  The =
goal is to include this module in a larger application - a Windows 2000 =
service also written in Python.  When the module is included and a the =
service started, data is retrieved from a database and passed to the PDF =
generation class.  I get the following error:

'unicode' object has no attribute 'write'
<traceback object at 0x0328A4D0>

This error is occurring when I call canvas.save().  Any suggestions on =
what might be happening here?  Needless to say, with the application =
running as a service it has proven difficult to debug so any suggestions =
for how I might more efficiently narrow down where this error is =
happening the ReportLab code would be helpful as well.  Examining the =
save method in canvas.py has not yielded any useful discoveries as yet.

Many Thanks,

Gregory Engel
Senior Software Engineer
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CSG Systems, Inc.

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