[reportlab-users] Sunday pleasures: 12 queens animated

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 4 Nov 2002 09:13:57 -0000

> Cool, but it doesn't quite work on my box. I tried ints and floats
> as arguments to setPageDuration(), but no effect, although the PDF
> source has the appropriate dictionary entry /D. The full screen
> option is correctly used, although the method is still contains
> a trailing 0: showFullScreen0().
> > You can tell me when I can download the 'animated' 12 queens, and
> > whether Acrobat Reader catches fire at 24 frames per second :-)
> I've attached a standalone generating script for 8 queens to illu-
> strate the effect. Does the resulting PDF animate on your box?

Yes it does, a very nice effect!  So, I guess Acrobat Reader gets it right
at least on Windows but not all viewers are this good.  Are you using XPdf,
or Acrobat Reader on OSX?