[reportlab-users] Sunday pleasures: 12 queens animated

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Sun, 3 Nov 2002 23:51:18 -0000

> After this I feel like Acrobat Reader could be used as an ani-
> mation presenting tool (with not too many frames per second) as
> well, if Adobe would want that.
They clearly do :-)

I just checked in a new canvas method setPageDuration, and
modified tools\pythonpoint\demos\pythonpoint.xml to use it.
You can specify a 'wait time' in seconds for all subsequent 
pages.  If - and only if - Acrobat Reader is in full screen 
mode, it will auto-advance to the next page after that many 

You can tell me when I can download the 'animated' 12 queens, and
whether Acrobat Reader catches fire at 24 frames per second :-)

- Andy Robinson

p.s. the old PDF spec talked about this and I tried it 3 years 
ago, but I never got it to work, probably because it did not
mention "full screen".  The 1.4 spec is better written and 
made it clear instantly.