[reportlab-users] TTF, Platypus & Unicode...

Marius Gedminas reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 14:28:45 +0200

On Tue, Jul 30, 2002 at 01:03:27PM +0200, Dinu Gherman wrote:
> Marius Gedminas:
> >Latin-1 is very different from UTF-8.  (Actually the encoding of the
> >first 128 characters matches, but the rest is different.)  If you have
> >Python 1.6 or later you can use stuff like
> >
> >  utf8_string = unicode(latin1_string, "ISO-8859-1").encode("UTF-8")
> That's basically what I did in the test script as well, and it
> also just replaces the accented character with a blank. Have
> you run the file locally?

Here's a sample that works for me:

  from reportlab.pdfbase import pdfmetrics
  from reportlab.pdfbase.ttfonts import TTFont

  fontdir = '/usr/share/fonts/truetype/'
  pdfmetrics.registerFont(TTFont('Arial', fontdir + 'Arial.ttf'))

  from reportlab.pdfgen.canvas import Canvas

  canvas = Canvas('foo.pdf')
  canvas.setFont('Arial', 12)
  canvas.drawString(100, 700, unicode("Lithuanian national characters: ", "ISO-8859-13").encode("UTF-8"))

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