[reportlab-users] Problem with RML_UserGuide_1_0.pdf generation?

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 07:51:34 +0100

> Just an FYI.  When I downloaded and installed the evaluation package,
> there was a problem.  The shortcut to the RML_UserGuide_1_0.pdf is
> invalid.  The document does not exist.  Here is the Post_Install_Log.txt
> file.  I have since pulled the document directly from the website, but I
> thought I would let you know about the problem in case it is not
> specific to my situation.  Does it assume there is a tmp directory
> somewhere?
> Best Regards,
> Dave

Hmmm, I am stumped.  The demo package has worked on many machines 
so you have something different in your environment which we gave
not thought of.  I can't find a reference to that pp_dbg.txt file 
anywhere.  I guess the error from PythonPoint upsets the 
following state and it is in the wrong place trying to generate 
the manual.  

What drive letter are you using?  is it C:? 
What OS version?

Also can I confirm that you are talking about the file
  /ftp/ReportLabDemo-1.14.exe, file size 7269128 ?

Next week we will build a new installer and I'll contact you
directly to test it.  It will include a GUI 'RML converter'
so less typing at DOS prompts is needed.  In the meantime you 
can get the RML manual from the 'Products' page on our web site 
and it should work.

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson
CEO/Chief Architect, ReportLab inc.