[reportlab-users] some tiny things

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Fri, 27 Dec 2002 14:37:55 -0000

> hi there
> I'm playing around with reportlab and I'm quite impressed.
> But I have these
> following questions.
> 1.) I generate a pdf dynamically, but i would like to add
> an existing pdf in
> at the top and an
> other one at the bottom of the reportlab-pdf. is this possible?

This uses our commercial product, PageCatcher.  It lets
you use existing PDFs asd a background. See the 'products'
section of our web site.
> 2.) is it possible to import eps-grafics.

Not in the Open Source package.  But you can use Acrobat to distill
your EPS file into a PDF file, and then use PageCatcher to include
in a PDF document you generate.

The intent is that with PageCatcher, you can create any
backgrounds and artwork you need and include it in a Python
script.  And a secondary intent is that people pay us for this,
as we need some way to fund the Open Source development ;-)

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson