[reportlab-users] Zope and Reportlab?

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 08:27:15 -0000

I hope our chart software

> If you are curious this page provides some insights into those 
> who point out zope's flaws: http://zope-is-evil-666.idyll.org/

I felt these frustrations once myself, but many others did not.
IMHO you need some guidance on 'the right way to do it' with
Zope because if you start off the wrong way it gets very
frustrating.  The docco and the arrival of a couple of books
since this page came out have helped, apparently. 

Zope 3 is addressing most of these issues head on, I understand.

> Webware is open source and at http://webware.sourceforge.net/

Now that DOES look promising.  Just looking at the overview
I would say it has design goals and a philosophy that really
reassure me.  Now if only the authors of Twisted, Zope 3, 
preppy, Quixote et al could be locked in one room for a
month, and the results put in the standard library....

- Andy