[reportlab-users] HSV color space conversion functions

Dinu Gherman reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 19:58:29 +0200

Robin Becker:

> I think I prefer to have only a single definition for these things and
> all the references I can find seem to use 0-360 for the H value in HSV &
> HLS systems. Perhaps python's colorsys thing isn't really true HSV?

I seem to be on Robin's side here! I get 3750 hits when looking
for "hue saturation value 360" in Google. This should be self-
explaining. I'm not sure, though, how to search for pages *not*
containing "360". -360 doesn't seem to work.

I understand the desire to normalize things, and no, this is not
important, but hue in HSV is always a degree on a circular color
disk, isn't it? So it makes really sense to have [0..360], but