[DogParkList] getting setup and transmitting

Don Agro dagro at dogparksoftware.com
Sat Dec 5 15:24:07 EST 2009

Hi Byron,

On 2009-12-05, at 2:15 PM, Byron Watson wrote:

> Sorry i posted this to another list but here goes:

> Alright i now can get the dialogue box in both cocoaptt and macloggerdx to recognize the usb/serial port interface...however i am stumped on tranmitting...also cannot get vfo to work on maclogger dx....doesnt recognize radio...i have downloaded driver for rigexpert but not sure what to do next...any help appreciated tnx


Please enable the Debug Log check box in the Radio Prefs Panel, click the VFO check box on and off a few times and copy and paste the relevant Console Application Console Messages into an email as well as a screen shot of your Radio Prefs.
Note: The Console Application is in /Applications/Utilities.
Note: <command> <shift> 4 then pick your corners, and the screen shot is placed on your desktop.

> 73

> Byron Watson


73 de VE3VRW Don Agro

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