[DogParkList] Help! IC-7800 Keyspan and V5

Jeffrey A. Steinberg kilo2mit at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 16:43:02 EDT 2009

Before I go out and buy a new set of cables, can someone with a 7800
and V5 of MacloggerDX help me with my parameters?

On V5:

Port P1.1 on keyspan
1 stop bit
IC-7800 selected
DTR and RTS checked
Command delay: 0
Icom Address: 6A

On 7800:

CI-V Baud Rate: 9600
CI-V address: 6Ah
CI-V Transceive: On
RS-233C Function: Decode
Decode Baude Rate: 9600

does any one more knowledgeable know if this should work or might as
Don suggested the Cables are bad. I personally think its a setting on
the 7800. I had it working but a mac Crash caused it to stopped it
from working. Go figure.

Jeffrey Steinberg, K2MIT

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