[DogParkList] MLDX 5.0.3: Radio becomes unavailable

Phil Hystad k7peh at comcast.net
Sun Mar 15 11:51:10 EDT 2009

I just installed MLDX 5.0.3 yesterday and upgraded from MLDX 3.x.x.
My radio is an Icom 756 Pro III.

Late last night, while MLDX was running and connected to my radio
(which remained on through the night), I put my Mac to sleep before I
put myself to sleep. This morning, upon wakeup, I noticed that my
radio was no longer actively associated with MLDX. That is, the
little checkbox on the radio VFO display was unchecked. At this time,
my radio itself was on, awake, and good CW coming in over the speakers.

So, I rechecked the little checkbox and it activated, got a frequency
readout that was correct and the S-meter moved then it unchecked right
away. I tried this several times. Then, I shutdown MLDX, restarted
it and things are fine.

Is my experience with this planned behavior or does it show a problem

phil, K7PEH

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