[DogParkList] I give up (5.02 b8)

Don Agro dagro at dogparksoftware.com
Thu Feb 26 03:27:24 EST 2009

Hi Michael,

On 25-Feb-09, at 9:30 PM, Michael Blake wrote:

> I cannot find a "Display Duplicate" button anywhere. I give up....

> where is it please?

It is a little grey "light bulb" which flashes green at the rate of
once a second when you look up a call that is already in your log.

It is at the top of the MacLoggerDX Window just above the "Call" data
entry screen and just below the "MacLoggerDX" Title bar title. To the
left of the Distance and bearing text and to the right of the text
that says "Call Sign Worked Date" for a duplicate.

In a previous beta it was only visible when active. Since 5.02 Beta 7
or so it is visible all the time.

If you hold the mouse over it it says "Click to display previous QSO"

> I have been looking since it was first posted on the site.

Which version are you using ?

> I would prefer somebody younger than 65 telling me where it is. If

> you're eyes are older than mine I am really gonna be upset :)

If you are not using the latest Beta - the button may only be visible
when it is flashing. Look up a call you know is in the log and you
should see it.

73 Don Agro VE3VRW

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